For the past five years or so, I’ve been looking to find a way to get streaming weather data pushed to me. Originally I had wanted level 2 RADAR products to create my own composites/renders, however I couldn’t find a good source that would push it to me, and even if I could, I didn’t have the capacity to handle processing all of that data in realtime. The IEM makes level 2 data available over HTTP, and grabbing individual files as I needed them to experiment was good enough at the time.

Recently though, I’ve needed non-radar streaming data for my Weather Explorer project. I primarily needed text products and METARs, but I recently got a relatively powerful server setup and figured I might as well try to get RADAR products again. I remembered running across the Nbsp project many years ago, and sure enough it’s still around and updated pretty regularly. I setup a slave node to grab from the masters hosted by the project author (Jose Nieves) at the University of Puerto Rico, but wasn’t getting L2 RADAR data and some satellite products. I emailed Jose, and he gave my server access to the RADAR and satellite feeds, and I in turn made my server available for others to peer off of (RADAR and satellite data included!) to help reduce load on his machines.

I also setup a node which relays traffic for the daughter project Npemwin on the same server.

Anybody is free to point a node at my server (nbsp.as65535.net) to mirror the data.

The server also generates a bunch of products based on the raw data which are available through the Nbsp web interface.

UPDATE 2017-09-24: Hurricane Maria happened :( The primary nodes hosted by Jose at UPR are offline. Given the damage reports, the Nbsp server probably won’t have any data coming its way for quite some time

UPDATE 2 - 2019-09-22: Data has been flowing in from UPR-RP! It’s a bit sporadic at times, but mostly back online