Bismuth: Building a Cloud

This year, a good friend and I have been working on a new startup: Bismuth.

We’re building a cloud - not like AWS or GCP though which have hundreds of services to pick from, but an opionated platform which has the essentials built in, and is designed to make it fast and easy to go from 0 to 100. There’s no setting up secrets manager, no configuring CloudTrail, nor even creating S3 buckets. Just one click to deploy your code (potentially written by our LLM), and you have implicit access to configuration & secrets, a K/V service, and blob storage, with a couple more services coming soon.

I know I’ve had many times where I just want to put some code up somewhere and have it run, but every time I either ran into the aforementioned cloud “feature” of needing to setup 4 different services to serve “Hello World” in a Lambda, or had to spend hours dealing with CI/CD to get docker images building, stored somewhere, and finally actually running. And that’s all before we get into needing fancy things like databases :)

Please checkout the website, blog (for which we have some really good technical articles planned about our process building, and the internals of Bismuth), or give the platform a go. Let us know what you think!