Introduction to Offensive Security

In the fall of 2017, hyper and I co-created and co-taught a new class at NYU Tandon: Introduction to Offensive Security. We wanted to create a course that taught the basics of what’s needed in, well, offensive security (playing CTFs, doing pentests, etc.). It was very well received that semester, and is now being re-taught for the third time by Prof. Brendan Dolan-Gavitt who supervised Josh and I when we taught the course for the first time.

All of our lectures, demos, etc. are publically available at If you want to access the challenges, you’ll need to be an NYU student. That said, any NYU student can access the challenges - you don’t have to be enrolled in the course.

<ShamelessPlug> If the course sounds interesting to you but you need some resources to get started, checkout the OSIRIS Lab’s recruit challenges. A bunch of students in the lab (myself included) have created these to teach people the basics in security before they play CTF, or take a class like Intro. to Offensive Security. </ShamelessPlug>